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Donald Trump after his victory speech.

Someone once said, “expect the unexpected. A personality who brands himself as a racist, misogynist, and a sexist, is now fortified to be the 45th president of the free world, USA. Many right now would argue that US is not so free anymore.

Donald Trump during the primaries.

Donald Trump it is!
A president known to have character defects and one who champions positions viewed as offensive to many,of course no one could take him seriously in this day and age, but guess what, our worst fears have been confirmed.
The mainstream media around the world called him a clown, other movers and shakers called him the biggest joke of the year, hence there was no need to give him an ear. The media message was: Donald Trump cannot win,Clinton represents the America that we need.

As projected by the media

Well, all that was turned upside down, call it a slap in the face. Larry King revealed that Donald Trump had told him that he wanted to run for presidency, since 1980. Well 2016 was set to be his year to battle against all odds.
For the first time in history, the mainstream media, political establishment, wall street and the polls projections couldn’t be more inaccurate and wrong. The Clinton propagators seemed to be thriving on wishful thinking and were completely disconnected from the reality that was happening on the ground. It seems that the american people misled the pollsters by either giving them incorrect information about who is the more popular candidate. It’s also clear that the political establishment is disconnected to the electorate’s thoughts and feelings.

The polls Trump / Clinton

A lot of questions remain as this upset has come to pass, not to mention that the stock market has been behaving in an interesting way since the announcement of Trump’s triumph.

Americans are angry. This vote demonstrates anger against the elite and the establishment and people are tired of it. Donald Trump will go down in history as the most controversial and flamboyant president in history.
Now you must be asking the million dollar question, why on earth did the american electorate vote for this so called “sociopath” ? Well according to his supporters, during his campaigns, he would voice the thoughts of many the Americans of which they would not voice out in public.

The Trump supporters

51% of the american voters supported the rhetoric of Muslim ban. He also appealed to the voters because of the way he spoke – he talked of issues that people talk about in the privacy of their homes. He is known to hate political correctness of which the Obama administration stood for in the last 8 years.According to the Breibart Website, he is known to “make the unsayable sayable.”

Donald Trump also influenced most of the american people by leveraging more on social media. Since the mainstream media had decided to brand him as an ‘inappropriate presidential candidate’ he chose to communicate directly to the people and tried to navigate his message around the media, though it was not easy.

As much as he appealed to his supporters, Trump was a magnet for racism, misogyny and he managed to front his rhetoric.He struck a cord, hit a nerve with many of electorate who seem to be rubbed off the wrong way.

Clinton and Trump face off

The Russian media fell in love with Trump simply because for once, they had someone who wanted to create a relationship with them, not declare hate upon them, not like Hillary who was anti-russia.

Hillary did not deliver her concession speech as it’s customary of a candidate who has lost the election.

Well, what can i say?This is a historic political earthquake and Donald Trump is now in to shake things up.
Despite being unpopular with the media, wall street, Hollywood  and donors, he managed to confound pollsters at every turn.

Clearly this has been the most divisive campaign in history and as they say, things will never be the same again.

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