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Women aspirants in the VoteaDada Launch in Kisii.  Photo: Kevin Wabungo

By Kevin Wabungo – AMPRSK

‘Some leaders are born women.” This quote by Geraldine Ferraro resonate greatly with women aspiring for elective positions in Kisii County following the Women in Leadership campaign dubbed VOTEADADA.

The campaign launched on October 13, 2016 attracted over 75 women aspirants in various posts ranging from Deputy Governor, Member of Parliament, Women representative and Member of County Assembly. The group were informed on the areas of personal branding as well as best practice in manifesto formulation.

women aspirants in the VoteaDada launch in Kisii. Photo: Kevin Wabungo

The workshop also served as an avenue for women to highlight some of the challenges they were facing at a peer-to-peer level. Some of these included the financial inability of the candidate to support their campaigns over and above the late entry into the political arena. It was noted that most women contenders ventured into the political realm way too late and at the point where party nominations had already been done. This put them at a great disadvantage despite their popularity with the electorate.

Additionally, there has also been a stereotype among the general public that women are perceived to belong in the kitchen. You may recall the recent utterance by the Nigerian President MuhammaduBuhari with remarks to his wife that, “I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room.” Read more here. Such statements are used against women especially during the campaign period that leaves them limping even before the real battle has begun.

training session in the VoteaDada initiative at Kisii. Photo by Kevin Wabungo

Among the challenges highlighted were also self-inflicting. Case in point is where women mistreat their own kind either at work, home or even business premises. Later on they present themselves to these very people as hopefuls for elective positions. More over the lack of understanding of the electoral process is also a major hindrance in bidding for these political posts.

Through the two day workshop the women candidates had their skills sharpened on how best to craft their manifestos with a primary focus on issues facing their constituents and what solutions they intend to offer. More importantly, the aspect of dressing for political rallies and communicating policies was greatly emphasized.

Young aspirant participates in VoteADada initiative. Photo: Kevin Wabungo

The journey to having more women in elective posts has begun in Kisii County. Youth Agenda will keep you updated via this blog with the most recent happenings on the #VoteADada caravan.

Kisii women contenders at the VoteADada initiative. Photo: Kevin Wabungo
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