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#VoteADada meaning “vote a sister”

With a few months to the 2017 General Election, Youth Agenda in partnership with Oxfam and FIDA Kenya embarked on an initiative dubbed #VoteADada to bridge the gender equality gap in the Kenya’s political leadership. We were saddened by the fact that in the 2013 general election, no woman was elected as governor or senator; 16 out of 290 women were elected into National Assembly and only 76 out of 1050 elected as members of the county assembly. This dismal uptake of women into political position, is an indicator that more needs to be done to get more women to be elected into positions of leadership, so as to attain the 2/3rd gender rule set out in the constitution. The programme targets the following counties: Turkana, Wajir, Kisii, Nakuru and Nairobi and we hope to approximately benefit 6.5 million women from this initiative.

While our joint initiative seeks to increase women participation in political leadership, Youth Agenda is keen on having more young women elected, to not only strengthen Kenya’s leadership but also to include youth in the political leadership positions.

A similar programme that we ran in 2013 through the Purple Zebra Campaign was successful at getting women recognized and elected; we strive to do even much better in 2017!

Susan Mwongera
CEO, Youth Agenda

"#VoteADada "

"Surely,we can't keep scoring D+ in Political Leadership Representation. Let's aim for B+ if not a straight A. VoteADada in 2017 "

Susan Mwongera
CEO, Youth Agenda

Knowledge Generation and Management


Because information is power, we extensively research and make available information on key youth issues to policy makers, youth organizations, institutions of learning and youth; this helps define policies affecting youth, aids youth advocacy work in Kenya, and keeps citizens informed of pertinent youth issues.

To establish a physical and online Information Hub on Youth issues for policy makers, youth and youth organizations


The youth are now recognized as important stakeholders in governance and development processes not just in Kenya, but the world at large. However, there is still lack of a central depository of al youth relevant information. While Youth Agenda has striven to provide youth information to youth and other critical constituencies in the country, during the plan period YAA seeks to develop into the central depository and resource for all information relevant to and impacting on youth issues in Kenya and the East African region.

This entails collecting, storing and analyzing relevant data and information as well as building a user-friendly and accessible resource center and database. The aim is that YAA should be recognized as and be able to serve as the one-stop source of all research and public documents on youth issues. Any individual seeking data and documents on the status of youth and youth related issues should be able to access the same from the information hub situated at the Multi Purpose Hall. The expected result is: an information hub on youth issues established.


While YAA has made tremendous progress during its years of existence and grown to a premier youth organization, it is essential that it enhances its visibility and impact. Under this strategic focus, YAA also seeks to consolidate its role and view within the public mind as the leading youth organization in Kenya and the rest of the region. The expected result is A Vibrant Public Brand Presence on Youth matters attained by YAA.




Under this focus area, YAA’s specific objectives are:

  1. To establish and maintain a comprehensive and updated online and physical resource centre on youth related issues
  2. To enhance YAA’s public image and visibility
  3. To Expand YAA’s networks within and across Kenya’s borders

Strategies and Activities

In pursuit of the above objectives, YAA undertakes:

  1. Creating an online youth resource centre
  2. Upgrading, updating and continually maintaining its physical resource centre, equipping it with key information and facilities for access and reproduction of materials subject to copyright laws
  3. Developing and implementing a communication, media and branding strategy
  4. Expanding and intensifying YAA networks and collaboration
  5. Increasing its visibility in the media and amongst stakeholders
  6. Documenting and publicizing the results of all its work
  7. Establishing linkages with other youth organizations across Kenya’s borders
  8. Expanding YAA’s presence and collaboration with other youth organisations in all parts of the country
  9. Building the capacity of member organizations to fully discharge their mandate

Disseminating the “youth agenda” countrywide
Developing and disseminating relevant policy proposals on youth issues and share the same with youth and policy makers
Undertake cutting edge research on topical youth issues, publish and disseminate the same to youth, youth groups, Members of parliament, government and other stakeholders.

FROM OUR BLOG..........
As I descended down to Lodwar Town, I can tell you for a fact I had no idea what to expect. All I had to go on were the statistics from the baseline we conducted and tales from other colleagues journeys. Before you ask me what I'm going on about, let me back up and start from the beginning.