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#VoteADada meaning “vote a sister”

With a few months to the 2017 General Election, Youth Agenda in partnership with Oxfam and FIDA Kenya embarked on an initiative dubbed #VoteADada to bridge the gender equality gap in the Kenya’s political leadership. We were saddened by the fact that in the 2013 general election, no woman was elected as governor or senator; 16 out of 290 women were elected into National Assembly and only 76 out of 1050 elected as members of the county assembly. This dismal uptake of women into political position, is an indicator that more needs to be done to get more women to be elected into positions of leadership, so as to attain the 2/3rd gender rule set out in the constitution. The programme targets the following counties: Turkana, Wajir, Kisii, Nakuru and Nairobi and we hope to approximately benefit 6.5 million women from this initiative.

While our joint initiative seeks to increase women participation in political leadership, Youth Agenda is keen on having more young women elected, to not only strengthen Kenya’s leadership but also to include youth in the political leadership positions.

A similar programme that we ran in 2013 through the Purple Zebra Campaign was successful at getting women recognized and elected; we strive to do even much better in 2017!

Susan Mwongera
CEO, Youth Agenda

"#VoteADada "

"Surely,we can't keep scoring D+ in Political Leadership Representation. Let's aim for B+ if not a straight A. VoteADada in 2017 "

Susan Mwongera
CEO, Youth Agenda

Media Coverage Report


Last Updated:March 29th, 2016

Activity: First Youth Night Market





Number of articles

There has been a total of 42 media stories captured by the media about the event

·         There were 4 stories on TV

·         There were 4 stories on print media

·         There were 15 stories on radio stations

·         There were  19 stories on online media

Prominence of coverage

·         Most of the media coverage was captured from online media and radio stations

·         There were two media interviews on radio stations

·         There was one TV story on prime time news on NTV

·         There was one story on international media – CNBC Africa


·         All stories were positive

Mention of Key messages

·         All media articles mentioned were on message. They all mentioned the youth night market



·         The Star

·         The Standard

·         Business Daily

·         X News


·         KBC TV

·         NTV – Media interview

·         NTV – News item

·         CNBC Africa



·         Capital FM

·         Kiss 100

·         Classic 105

·         1 fm

·         2 FM

·         Hits FM

·         Homeboyz Radio

·         Hot 96

·         Radio Jambo

·         X FM

·         Radio Biafra

·         Classic 105 – Media interview with Susan Mwongera. At 6pm and 7am

·         Kiss 100 – Media interview with Susan Mwongera. At 6pm and 7am



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FROM OUR BLOG..........
As I descended down to Lodwar Town, I can tell you for a fact I had no idea what to expect. All I had to go on were the statistics from the baseline we conducted and tales from other colleagues journeys. Before you ask me what I'm going on about, let me back up and start from the beginning.