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2021 Youth Employment Conference

Youth Employment Conference is a Youth Agenda initiative that seeks to bring the country to have discussions and a platform to find solutions to youth unemployment in Kenya. This conference will be an annual activity planned on Youth Agenda’s annual calendar. The conference will bring together leaders of industry in the private sector and youth to find solutions in adjusting, readjusting or adapting to the challenges brought to youth empowerment by Covid-19. It is also an opportunity to identify, highlight, equip and support youth in business with skills and capacity across the country. It also aims at inspiring more youth to create employment opportunities for themselves and fellow youth. It will help in
sharpening the skills that youth need for formal and informal employment with a focus on digital economy, agriculture, industrialization and enterprise and creative economy.

Elevate Mentorship Programme

The Elevate mentorship programme undertaken by Vollie Australia and YAA partnership seeks to address youth unemployment in Kenya by providing young people with access to mentors who have the skills and expertise to support them with their professional growth. This is done by  connecting 100 young people, aged 18-24, through the existing Youth Agenda network in Nairobi directly with professionals in Australia via Vollie’s existing tech platform to facilitate conversations around their skills, interests and ambitions.

Project Objectives

  • Address the youth unemployment challenge through mentorship support.
  • Embrace technological advancement to develop platforms for youth empowerment.


Youth Night Markets

To provide a solution to the challenge of youth unemployment, YAA implemented the youth night market project to provide a readily accessible market for the youth.

Project Achievement

  • Tackled the challenge of youth unemployment through market support.
  • Empowered more than 100 young new entrepreneurs.
  • Stimulated economic growth through youth involvement in businesses.
Advocacy towards Youth economic empowerment

Over the years, YAA has engaged the County and the National government towards development of affirmative action and policies that will deliberate tackle the challenge of youth’s economic empowerment.

On the other, YAA has developed awareness and skills amongst the youths on tapping of opportunities such as the AGPO and County youth funds.

This has lead to youths venturing into businesses with the counties and creating economic indepedence.